The Night of Promises

This is another new addition to the series because I read what would be the next one and realized that there was no continuity, not that it matters, but….

So here we are. If you’ve missed any in the series, you can find them here.

Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash

The Night of Promises

“I promised my sister that I’d be there for the baptism. I mean, I know she’d understand why I’m not there. She knows how I feel about Dom,” I say to Tansy, who nods while picking invisible fluff from her blue jeans.

“Go,” she says. “I promise that if anything happens, I’ll let you know.”

I squeezed her hand and smiled. What a good, unexpected, friend Tansy had become.

The baptism was special, but I guess they all are. The beautiful eyes of a baby alertly checking out everything around. People stepping forth to be the guiding hand. I think, at an off-handed moment, that if Dom pulls through. This will be us. Here, in the tiny church of my childhood, with my family and friends, celebrating the birth of our own baby.

At the reception, I glance at my phone, wish Tansy would send some kind of information. Each day he’s in the coma suggests he’ll never recover. I bite my lip to keep tears from filling my eyes. This is a happy moment.

My sister, Jane, raises a glass of sparkling apple cider while the rest of us have champagne. “Thank you for coming to celebrate my beautiful girl. And, if you all have a spare moment, say a special prayer for my little sister and her boyfriend. Dominic is in the ICU after that mass shooting. We are all praying that he recovers.”

And then, I can’t fight the tears.


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