H is for Hummus

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Cards Close to Chest

“I’m glad they took that hummus variety appetizer off the menu and replaced it with their regular hummus. Do you remember that roasted red pepper one? Yikes,” Mandy says as she dunks warm pita into the chick pea dip.

Jeannie nods. “Totally gag-worthy. When their regular hummus is so good, I don’t know why they’d mess with anything else.”

Mandy leans forward. “So, tell me what happened with Craven the Raven today?”

“That’s an insult to ravens everywhere,” Jeannie says. She chews thoughtfully. “He insinuated that I might not get promoted unless I’m friendlier.”

“In the age of #metoo?”

“Craven only lives in the age of #mefirst.”

“Seriously, J, you have to report this to HR.”

Jeannie snorts. “Really? I’ll be out on my ass before the first words leave my lips. Craven is the organization.”

“So, what are you going to do?”

“You won’t tell anyone at work?”

“Of course not.”

Jeannie studies Mandy, wondering for the 100th time if she’s really trustworthy. She’s been skeptical since their mutual friend Brian lost his job after expressing an opinion about the working climate at Craven, Hazen, and Hughes. Never would she have considered Mandy, who seems so sweet and helpful, if it weren’t for the fact that there had only been three people at the table besides Brian. Joe wasn’t a gossip nor did he share any information. Ever. Jeannie knew it was her. That left Mandy. Funny, Mandy had blamed the incident on someone passing by and eavesdropping. Naively Jeannie had accepted that, not wanting to believe Mandy could be a snitch. But, truthfully, she’s been careful ever since.

Thinking about all that again, Jeannie smiles and leans forward. Mandy also leans forward, her eyes shining with delight at juicy details.

“I’m going to do what it takes,” Jeannie says, nodding.

Mandy frowns. “What? What does that mean?”

“You know. Whatever it takes.”

“Oh. Oh!” Mandy exclaims, coloring the words with her own interpretation.

On Monday, Jeannie fully expects to hear that she intends to do the nasty with Craven. In truth, she has three interviews scheduled for next week at competing firms. There’s no way she’s staying at Craven, Hazen, and Hughes. Dirty from the bottom to the top—if Mandy and Craven are any example.


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