K is Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich #atozchallenge

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Comfort Food

“Kimchi grilled cheese. Is that a thing? Good or bad?” she asks with a laugh.

He shrugs. “Order what you want.”

He doesn’t glance at her. Heat flows from her face downward. He dismisses her so much lately, although he’d be the first to tell her that wasn’t so. Or not. She doesn’t know anymore.

“What are you getting?” she asks, brightly, hopefully, trying to engage because she’s sure she’s stupid that way.

“Burger, probably.”

“Always a burger,” she says with a laugh.

“Problem with that?”

Her smile falls away. “No, of course not.”

“Not everyone’s a gloating vegetarian.”

“I never—”

“Yeah, that’s for sure,” he says, setting the menu aside, his full glare on her.

She feels like she’s been cut, burned, left behind. Where is this coming from? She’s always been so careful about being vegetarian, because you have to be, which is stupid and silly and shouldn’t be a thing, but it is. Dismiss the smug bacon eaters as they try to provoke you, as if you care. Because they don’t understand that it’s pain that makes your diet choices.

“You’re so judgmental,” he says.

Her mouth’s open, her eyes wide. “I am?”

“Just because you don’t eat animals. Who are you to make the rest of us feel like shit?”

She gulps, lips still parted, eyes stinging. How could she have never known that he felt this way? Had she really foisted her beliefs?

“I’m sorry—”

“I’ve had enough.” He tosses his linen napkin onto his plate, rises and leaves.

She watches his retreating figure with astonishment. What just happened? Did they break up? Will he move out of her townhouse? Where would he go? He’s in-between jobs. She swallows hard and resumes looking at the menu. She made the damn reservation. She’ll have a nice meal and a glass of pinot noir and enjoy herself. It had been a helluva week at work and obviously hadn’t gotten better. Tears sting her eyes. She shakes them away. There’s more to come, she’s no doubt. She’ll get home, see that desperation in his eyes because he has nowhere to go, no job, and he’ll plead with her to forgive him, that he didn’t mean it. But he did. She knows. She’ll need two pinots to get through this night and do the right thing.

God, she hopes this kimchi grilled cheese is the best thing she’s ever tasted.


Recipes for Kimchi Grilled Cheese

This one looks like it has lots of flavor:

Kimchi Grilled Cheese

Simple recipe:

Cooking Light Kimchi Grilled Cheese

Erm, I don’t get the whole mayonnaise on grilled cheese. I’ve tried it and am not a fan, but if you are, you might want to try this one. They say they use mayonnaise because it doesn’t burn as easily……:

Kimchi Grilled Cheese

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  1. Now you’re in my neck of the woods. Of course it’s not about the grilled cheese. The guy’s a jerk.

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