O is for Onion Tart #atozchallenge

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Dinner with Cavemen

Giselle picked a restaurant because it would be safe. She hoped. Her brothers couldn’t have a knock-down-drag-out in a posh restaurant. She hoped. They were spoiled little man kings; always had been from the day she was born to now.

She ordered an onion tart while they ordered the bloodiest steaks on the menu, the rarer the better. She could almost imagine them thumping their chests.

Leaning back, she sipped her Meiomi Pinot Noir. It made her happy. Few things did lately. She supposed she should be sad that a wine was one of the few things, but there you were.

“We have to make a plan for Mom,” she said.

Bart was chewing on his fancy blue cheese sliders. Nat plucked mussels from their shell. She nibbled on crusty bread dipped in olive oil and fresh basil and garlic.

“She’s fine,” Bart said.

Nat nodded. This may be the first thing they’d ever agreed on.

“She’s failing. Her doctor says she has dementia,” Giselle said.

“I can’t take her,” Nat said.

“Me neither,” Bart said.

Giselle stared at them. “Give me some help here, guys. I live alone. I’m working all the time.” All true.

“Patricia would kill me,” Nat said. “We’re only supposed to take care of her family. Not to mention I just bought Pattycakes a diamond tennis bracelet that set me back some.”

Bart nodded. “Susan’s the same. Minus the bracelet.”

God, she wished she’d ordered something stronger than wine. “So, neither of you can help me out at all?”

“No can do,” Nat said. Bart nodded.

She mentally shook her head in disbelief. “Fine. There was a stipulation in Dad’s will about protecting and caring for mum. I’ll inform the lawyer that neither of you are able.”

“What?” Nat asks.

“What’s that mean?” Bart asks.

“It means that if you don’t help take care of mum, you get nothing.”

Her brothers glanced at each other.

The food arrived; discussion halted.

“Maybe we could figure something out,” Bart said, speaking while still chewing on his rare sirloin.

Nat nodded. “Yeah, what he said.”

Giselle asked the waitress to box up her onion tart.

She’d lost her appetite.


Onion Tart Recipes:

Free Form Onion Tart

French Onion Tart

This one has egg, almost like a quiche:

Onion Tart

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