R is for Regal Roy and Red Beans and Rice #atozchallenge

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Welcome back to Cilantro and Sage Restaurant. Today’s special is red beans and rice, spicy and filling.

The Blues, Sometimes

“Use your cell on your own time,” Ewan said to Alex trying to sound gruff, but his smile gave him away.

“Yeah, sure. Someone just ordered a Regal Roy. I had a WTF moment and looked it up. Chivas and Dubonnet. Who knew?”

“Whoever ordered the drink.”

“Yeah, sure,” Alex said and then began mixing the proportions per the internet recipe and hoped it was right. Sometimes you just had to trust the web.

Between mixing and pouring, Alex glanced at Ewan who didn’t seem in any hurry to leave the bar, which was strange, unless, of course, Kate was on the warpath again. “Mix you up something?” Alex asked.

“If it were closer to closing, I’d ask for a double MaCallans. However, considering it’s only 8. No, thank you, but I’ll probably be back.”

“Kate?” Alex guessed.

“The woman’s mental. I thought we’d reached an agreement, an understanding. Tonight, she decided my red beans and rice weren’t up to snuff. She tossed the lot out, regardless of cost and time, and started her own. The kitchen’s behind. She’s crazed, driving everyone nuts. I may be at the end of my rope,” Ewan said.

Alex grunted.

“What?” Ewan asked.

Alex shrugged. “She’s batshit, man. She’s talented batshit but still batshit.”

It was Ewan’s turn to grunt. His eyes were directed at his shoes. Obviously, he was torn between being loyal and wanting to vent.

“What do you think about Laura?” Alex asked.

Ewan glanced at Alex. “Not your type.”



“That was quick. Are you interested?”

Ewan laughed, but Alex detected something.

“I’m married.”

“I’ve heard that one before. Really recently. Like you need to keep reminding yourself.”

Ewan tried to look offended. “I take my marriage vows seriously.”

Alex raised his hands. “Sure. But Kate’s nuts and Laura’s, well, Laura’s kind of special.”

“Yes,” Ewan said, but shook his head. “I’ll be back in an hour for that MaCallans.”

“Sure,” Alex said, watching his boss return to the kitchen. Poor bastard.


Recipes for Regal Roy and Red Beans and Rice

Regal Roy Recipes

Regal Roy Recipe

I’m not a huge fan of liquid smoke, which this recipe has in it. I’m not sure it’s needed. I suppose that it’s supposed to replace andouille sausage, but since I’ve never made red beans and rice with sausage I find it unnecessary.

Vegan Red Beans and Rice

This one is not for the faint of heart. Tabasco and chipotle in adobo sauce? Go for it! 🙂

Spicy Vegetarian Red Beans and Rice

Red Beans and Rice, the meat version

The red beans and rice I cook at home is very simplistic. You take the trinity of cajun cooking, onion, bell pepper, and celery and saute. Here I throw in some “Slap Ya Mama” cajun seasoning (my secret weapon). Add a can or two of tomatoes (not drained; usually I’ll use Rotel or another brand with added jalapenos), red beans (2 cans, drained), vegetable broth (around 2 cups) and add more Slap Ya Mama to taste and pepper, if needed. Serve with rice.

Simple and tasty. If you try the Slap Ya Mama, I want to warn you that it’s spicy (they have an even spicier one I’ve yet to try) and it’s salty so don’t add a lot of extra salt–unless, of course, you think it needs it.

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