Transpire to Perspire

This quadrille was written for dVerse. Many thanks to Mish!

So what does the picture have to do with the poem? Well, when you bring up middle age on pixabay, it brings up everything but middle-aged people. Wink, wink. I figured I’d go with it. A heroine of the middle ages.

Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

Transpire to Perspire

When I was little, I flushed often
Awkwardly, sometimes merely 
from a glance
The slightest hint of embarrassment? 
My face cherried.
These days mortification’s shrugged away,
breathing, living, emoting
simple days broil my face from pale to lobster red
Thanks, hormones. 
Love, Middle Age.

6 thoughts on “Transpire to Perspire

  1. Ha! I thought the first line (flushed) was about bathroom behavior. But then I read the rest. Enjoyed it.

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