W is for Walnut and Brie Tartlets with Grape Salsa

Now doesn’t THAT sound yummy? 🙂

We are back at Cilantro and Sage where more than foods on the burner are bubbling. Our head chef, Kate, has left…or has she? And, what’s happening in the dining room?

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We’re All Nuts

Maybe they’re all still shocked. Ewan knows he is, but the kitchen doesn’t run by itself. Orders come in. Orders go out. He’s tasting everything to make certain it equals what Kate would have served. By the end of the night, no doubt he’ll die of heartburn from over-tasting, struggling to keep a wide range of emotions from boiling over, and attacking a bottle of Glenlivet. Funny how his mind translates “livet” to livid because that is exactly what he is, or at least one part.

A served dish reappears. The Walnut and Brie Tartlets with Grape Salsa. He frowns at the plate and then at Laura.

“What’s wrong with that?” he asks.

“The woman is allergic.”



His eyes widen. “Did she not know a walnut was a nut? Wasn’t the nut part a clue?”

Laura shrugs. “You and Kate have told us the patron is always right. You know, unless they’re wrong. Personally, I think she just changed her mind and would rather look like an idiot than admit it.”

Ewan can almost feel one of Kate’s tirades overtake him, but he nods. “Right then. Carry on.”

Laura’s eyes narrow. “Are you okay?”

“Of course. Get back to work.”

He can tell from the glance she sends him over her shoulder that she knows he’s definitely not okay. He’s far from okay. But, strangely, he’s okay with that.


Cheese and nuts, two of my favorite things; cue Julie Andrews, although no where in that song does she mention cheese and nuts. A huge oversight!

Walnut and Brie Tartlets with Grape Salsa

Brie and Walnut Tartlets

Omg! Walnuts, brie and cranberry on puff pastry with basil? An explosion of taste!

Walnut and Brie Puff Pastry Bites

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