To Be

This was written for dVerse, where Frank talked about two literary masters, Basho and Shakespeare. Since I concentrated on drama as my literary specialty, it’s obvious where I went. Thanks, Frank!

To Be

Two semesters of Shakespeare.

One taught by a nun dancing on her toes, overlooking scatological, blushing at interludes.

The other taught by a professor who remembered every student’s name on the first day of class using a method I still don’t understand. Laughing at the bard’s references, making each and every one of us lifelong lovers of Shakespeare and her. Because she got him, she got us, and melded the two together. This teacher loved her subject, loved teaching him to us. How very fortunate we were to be her students.

She got breast cancer. The university kicked her out. That’s a paraphrase of something more elegant, less informing, less truthful.

Catbirds return.

To thine own self be true

nurture honesty.

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