Y is for Yogurt #atozchallenge

Today’s the last day of the challenge and I’m almost there.

The biggest decision was to end with a bang or to just go mildly into the night.

Bang it is. Although there’s one more after this, which might be short and sweet.

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Mine’s Bigger

“Table 13 wants two of the bourbon peach desserts,” Laura says to Ewan who raises an eyebrow at her, wondering why she’s telling him. “I think there’s something strange going on there.”

“What? Have they complained?”

“No, but some smarmy guy joined them just after apps. Now one of the women seems scared and the other looks like she wants to stab him with the steak knife she wouldn’t let me take away.”

Now that last tidbit is a red flag. Ewan nods. “Maybe it’s time to make sure everyone’s happy.”

Casually Ewan makes the rounds, sending furtive glances toward 13. Each observation shows pretty much what Laura had been suggesting. The little blond fingers the steak knife while the guy’s hands are tucked into the pockets of his forest green hoodie.

“How was everything tonight?” Ewan asks, just as Laura appears with two desserts.

The women exchange glances.

“Pompous would be my description,” the man says. He sips a tawny liquor neat.

Ewan laughs. “Pompous in a good way, I presume?”

“No, just freaking putting on airs like Niki’s bestie is always trying to get her to do. This is why I had to show up tonight. Couldn’t trust Niki. Damn well don’t trust that one,” the man says, jerking his glass toward Maxie while speaking through bared teeth before slamming back the rest of his drink.

He pulls a black and silver object from his pocket, clicks a button revealing a glinting silver blade. There’s a gasp from a nearby table.

“Now no one try anything because you can bet your ass I’m not afraid to use this.” He makes certain everyone sees the blade. “Come on, Niki.”

“Oh, hell no. Not on my watch,” Kate says, emerging from the kitchen. In her hand is the largest butcher knife ever seen.

Everyone is too stunned to move. Even Donny Boy’s mouth drops open.

Kate marches toward the table, her eyes fierce as she takes in Donny Boy and his knife. “Are you one of those guys who likes to intimidate women? Scare them? Make them feel small? Yeah? News for you, joker. I had a crazy ass father who taught me how to throw knives. I’m crazy skilled. Crazy is the word, joker. Wanna see?”

In this moment roaring at them like a fiery freight train, Kate does look crazy, but Ewan thinks she also looks magnificent, like a Scottish warrior rebel, or at least as he’s dreamt they might have looked. Strangely he’s also more terrified for the man than for Kate.

Donny Boy drops the knife and runs for the exit, where several of the city’s finest slap handcuffs on his wrists.

Kate grins. “We’re wrapping this little show up. Dessert is on the house,” Kate says before returning to the kitchen, her hips swaying like a goddess.

“God, I’m in love with that woman,” Ewan says.

“Yeah, me too,” Laura says, laughing.

A round of applause echoes after them.

In the kitchen Ewan approaches Kate. “Was it true what you said? Can you throw knives?”

She grins, a dimple appearing in her cheek. “My secret. Just hope, my man,” she says, her index finger and thumb tugging on the corner of his shirt collar, “You never find out.”


Looking at possible yogurt dessert recipes, this one caught my eye:

Bourbon-Glazed Peaches With Yogurt

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