April Showers Have Brought…May Showers?

So, can I just say, wow?! Was April a month that was like a year or what?

An iris that looks a little like a hungry space alien monster mouth.

Today it’s rainy again, but I don’t mind. I feel strangely happy. Maybe it’s because I’ve not spent a lot of time on Facebook or any of the news agencies. There’s an abundance of nature outside my window. Many new birds to the garden. So much to see and experience, and I’m hopeful that warm weather is on its way.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the busy, in the materialism, in the need to just do things to keep our minds numb that we miss everything around us.

I wrote before I got up this morning, grabbed my “journal” and just did it. If you’re a writer, you know why I quoted “journal.” My journal isn’t just about me. It’s my ideas. It’s the fragments of stories that dart through my brain sometimes before I can write them down. It’s the things I see. Facts and notes I want to keep. So, yeah, with all of those “I’s” it must be about me though, right? Ha!

The glorious thing about this morning’s writing was that it was not like pulling teeth. It was a catharsis. A spark. A cheerleading rah-rah. And, mostly, it left me feeling really, really good. A feeling good that felt like the old me so much so that I’m going to see if I can bottle it up and revisit it when I need to remember what it’s like to feel this good.

For this month, I am going to try to make my little corner one of hope and happiness or joy or something at least a little bit bright.

And, now it’s time for a(nother) cup of tea.

Take care, y’all! 💖

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