Music Monday: Song to Sing When I’m Lonely by John Frusciante

This was the first song I asked Alexa to play yesterday morning. And then repeat it. Maybe it’s a song to play when I’m lonely, or not lonely and just need a pick-me up. Anyway, I love it.

John Frusciante, in case you don’t know, was/was/is (yep, that notation is not eccentric or wrong) the guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers. He also cut several solo albums. I’m glad he’s back with the band and actually thought I might see him perform with them this year. I doubt that’s going to happen.

Out of place in my own time

Drowning thinking that I’m dry

Holding onto facts that’ll never be proven

Faking an action cuz no one’s looking

Songwriters: John Frusciante

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