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In case you missed it, I wrote my 2020 a to z challenge about foods, and they were all connected by occurring in the fictional Cilantro and Sage Restaurant.

While I have enjoyed every A to Z challenge I’ve participated in, this one I loved. (Thanks, Maggie and TJ for suggesting food!) I loved writing about a restaurant but not feeling obligated to include the same characters in every piece. Yet, when I wanted to revisit with them, they were there. I loved my characters of husband and wife owners, Ewan and Kate, who are not the happiest of couples as we move on, trying but thwarted semi-playboy barkeep, Alex, and earthy, friendly, waitress Laura.

And, it was fun and sometimes challenging to find dishes and recipes that matched the letters. My biggest obstacle, I thought, would be finding a recipe for X, but that was oh-so-wrong. The worst were letters like “y” where recipes were “yummy this or that.” Could you imagine a dish in a restaurant being called “Yummy Steak and Potatoes?” Ha! And another ha! for good measure.

My biggest regret of the challenge is my lack of feedback to my fellow bloggers. I could blame it on being totally befuddled during the month because of virus anxiety, because of the rain, because April is a hard month (is that a song?), but it’s been an ongoing thing so maybe I need to see a blogging therapist about it. But I want to send out a thanks to Keith at Keith’s Ramblings (if you haven’t read his writing, please do; especially his Rosey stories! Which I love and hope that he’ll make into an anthology.) and again Maggie, both of whom stuck with me and rah-rahed, although I doubt Keith knew he was rah-rahing.

If you were around in March, you know I didn’t plan anything so most of these stories were written off the cuff, or wine.

So, yep, I’m happy with this experience, much, much more than in previous years because I really looked forward to writing these stories.

If you read them and enjoyed them, I’m thankful.

Thank you so much! 💖

7 thoughts on “Reflection #atozchallenge

  1. I don’t need to tell you how much I enjoyed your stories. Having run a bistro and a gastro pub for many years it was like being back where my heart still remains!

    Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog. Rosey asked me to say hello!

    In case you are interested there’s a piece about my restaurant here –

    Stage Door Bistro

    1. Thank you so much, Keith. I’m actually glad that I didn’t know you ran a bistro before. It might have put the pressure on me to be more realistic! I have your window open. Maybe next time we should write a his/her story for fun.

  2. Sascha, what I read I loved. As you, blog hopping was not my strongest this year. I’ve been hearing others talk about low stats/comments this year.
    I will be back to read more. Congrats for enjoying this year and making it to the end

    Tale Spinning

  3. I would have read them, but I only just found you through the reflections. Now I’ve read two and I’m hooked! I will be back. And how did you get the collage to also be links to the various posts. I wanted to do that on my blog but didn’t know how. Guess I could google it.

    Finding Eliza

    1. Thanks so much, Kristin. The collage is actually thanks to the Puzzle theme. You just need to change your theme. I like it. It’s fun, although you do need to remember to add a photo on every upload. 🙂

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