Music Monday: Boulder to Birmingham by Emmylou Harris

I wrote a whole other post for today, but then wasn’t feeling it. That will remain a post for another day.

Regardless, years ago I bought Emmylou Harris’ greatest hits album and I would listen to it all the time, just before dates when I needed to soothe my soul. But mostly I found comfort from it when I was feeling stressed. Most of the songs feel like heart songs, you breathe them in and feel restored.

Without a doubt, Boulder to Birmingham is my favorite. It’s soulful, melodic. And when she says

Of the trucks as they move down

Out on ninety five

And pretend that it’s the ocean

Songwriters: Bill Danoff / Emmylou Harris

I understand what she means because I’m here on 95 although it seldom sounds like the ocean to me. But I could imagine, in the right place, it would.

Emmylou evidently wrote this song for Gram Parsons, who died far too young. The most resonating line being: I would walk all the way from Boulder to Birmingham/If I thought I could see, I could see your face.

When death takes someone away, wouldn’t we do anything to see them again?

I have always felt this song at a heart level. Loved Emmylou’s soulful voice. If you’ve never heard it before, please listen and let me know what you think. 💖

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