Who Had a Heart

Thanks to Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers!

Many thanks to you, my readers, but I failed on this one, I think. Maybe I’m wrong and I’ll feel better about it in the morning. Nevertheless, thanks, in advance, for reading. 💖

Who Had a Heart

Saturday evening, Dad and I are grilling wearing Nationals ball caps because, hey, World Series.

He tosses my Beyond Burgers on before meaty things.

Alexa plays “Anyone Who Had a Heart” when Mom strides in on her death-strike stilettos.

“Grilling, Nick? My colleagues are important.”

Dad grimaces. Who doesn’t eat grilled food and potato salad?

She slaps bags from Ichiban Sushi and bottles of Riesling on the counter. Dad and I share a glance.

Mom’s boss salivates over my burger. “Man, I was hoping for vegan. You got another?”

I offer my untouched burger. Dad guffaws. Mom glowers.

Divorce tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Who Had a Heart

  1. I’m with Neil… And I think the Mom needs to stop pretending to be something above her family… then again, divorce being in the picture…

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