Music Monday: Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish

If I ever become one of those people who says, “There’s no good music these days,” I hope someone will give me a good shake (preferably chocolate).

Music is ever changing, evolving. And Billie Eilish is a sign of that. If David Bowie had been alive to hear her, he’d have been her champion. She’s fantastic. Young, talented. Her lyrics are deep, emotive. Music layered.

While Billie Eilish has already had several successful songs, this one resonates with me. I tried to fathom out its lyrics and then finally looked at an interview.

The lyrics are haunting, the music haunting. She and her brother are so young and to hear this evocative music they’ve created is, I don’t know, stunning? But stunning doesn’t feel like the right word. Resonating. Powerful.

It might’ve been a nightmare

To anyone who might care

Thought I could fly (fly)

So I stepped off the Golden, mm

Nobody cried (cried, cried, cried, cried)

Nobody even noticed

Songwriters: Billie Eilish O’Connell / Finneas Baird O’Connell

2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish

  1. My daughter introduced me to her a while ago and I was amazed by her talent and versatility. On a certain level she reminds me of Tori Amos, at least with how unique her sound is.

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