Shameless Self-Promotion

Have you read my story, “Prince of a Guy” in the Princess for a Day Anthology, Vol. 2 yet? The introductory sale price will disappear on Wednesday, May 27.

Click here to view it on Amazon.

Did you miss the excerpt I posted a few days ago? Read it here.


Self-promotion is hard if you’re not used to it.


Thank you! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. Self promotion sucks if you are an introvert and aren’t a fan of spamming people. I think it has been the hardest part for me. Honestly, I’d rather spend days agonizing over edits than do the self promotion thing. Gook luck and congrats!!

    1. I’m also currently in the land of–I’m asking people to buy my story based on what they read on my blog (which is free). What if they buy it and then hate it? lol Gotta love the self-doubt. 🙂 And, yes, I’m very much the introvert. Even had to do posts for the FB author takeover, which is so not me.

      1. You should send this to Envie! Magazine so they can feature it in the section for book advertising. It is free and I think there are nearly 1000 subscribers (at last count). I’m pretty sure they are still open for submissions for this next month’s edition (out on the 1st). Every tiny bit helps.

  2. It’s not self-promotion. It’s product promotion. You can be the introvert hiding in the background and still push the story. Hide behind the story.

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