Opposites Attract?

Have you ever wondered if you’re being callous by just deciding that the world is in such a rough shape (or maybe it’s just my country? If you read the headlines, you’ll probably understand) that maybe you should offer something lighter? More humorous?

So, I decided that for today’s Carrot Ranch contribution I would go slightly (okay, a lot!) lighter than what I’ve offered in the past couple of weeks. Charli asked us to write of two words that contradict and I took it a little to the obscure side by using a couple (er, a romantic couple) who completely contradict. Thanks for reading.

Opposites Attract?

“Doomed!” Old Lady Hennessy declared.

“Doomed!” agreed the other quilting club ladies.

Russell was the town bad boy. I was the town good girl.

He started a rock band. A rock band in Little Falls? Scandalous. We’re bluegrass true!

I was destined to be the librarian. Finger upon my lips: shush!

But you can’t control who you fall in love with. Maybe it’s pheromones. Maybe it’s his sky eyes. Maybe it’s the song he sang round midnight while meteorites zipped across the sky.

Russel and me? We’re opposites. Do opposites attract?

I’ll let you know. After one more kiss.


11 thoughts on “Opposites Attract?

  1. Even when we pick up on similar themes like stargazing, we have such a breadth of diversity. I love the voice in this piece, and the background town busybodies expressing doom. Well done.

    If only we could get our nation to see the beauty in our differences and acknowledge the common ground of humanity and dignity and compassion where we can meet.

  2. Opposites attract that each may find balance. The busy bodies serve the story well, and make it fun. (I suppose they might be why this good girl feels the need to walk on the wild side too. They are fanning the flames.)
    I am glad for you you went light. It has been interesting what happens to our writing amidst the madness and the isolation.
    Take care of yourself.

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