Betanda Shanam Reviews The Last Warrior

The Last Warrior
England: The First Viking Age

MJ Porter

June 25, 2020



He sent a hundred men to kill two thousand. It had to be enough.

Mercia lies broken but not beaten, her alliance with Wessex in tatters.

Coelwulf, a fierce and bloody warrior, fears no man, especially not the Raiders claiming Mercia as their own.

Coelwulf must travel away from the heart of Mercia, hunting down the Raiders and what he discovers will determine the fate of Mercia, as well as his own.

Book 2 in The Ninth Century Series


Coelwul and his band of warriors continue their fight to reclaim Mercia.  Hailed King of Mercia, Coelwul leads his warriors along the River Trent from Repton to Torksey overpowering Raiders.

Having read The Last King (read my review here), I was excited to read The Last Warrior.  Though, I was expecting to be slightly disappointed in The Last Warrior, as sequel books don’t often hit the reading spot.  However, this was not the case, The Last Warrior took me on the battles of King Lord Coelwul and his men, which I easily slipped into, visualising the battles and giggling at the strong will of Haden (Coelwul’s horse). MJ Porter’s writing enabled me to feel the weight of responsibility that both the battles and being King had on Coelwul.  Coelwul seemed less confident in The Last Warrior and a bit more savage in his battles. I could feel the frustration and desperation of having to fight another battle to claim back Merica. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and looking forward to continuing Coelwul’s journey in book 3. 

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

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