Review of The Budget-Friendly Vegan Cookbook

On a budget? Looking for flavorful and inspiring vegan recipes? This might be the cookbook for you! SD

The Budget-Friendly Vegan Cookbook
Healthy Meals for a Plant-Based Diet

Ally Lazare

May 19, 2020

Rockridge Press

Blurb: Delicious, nourishing vegan food on a budget IS possible

Looking for vegan cookbooks with healthy meals that are full of flavor but won’t empty your wallet? The Budget-Friendly Vegan Cookbook is here with satisfying dishes full of easy-to-find, protein-rich ingredients. Most recipes take 30-45 minutes or less—so your schedule stays as stress-free as your budget.

Get advice you won’t find in other vegan cookbooks on stocking your pantry, maximizing food purchases, and avoiding waste. Discover cost-effective everyday ingredients you can use for a variety of vegan dishes. Whether you’re a new or longtime vegan, find fresh recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts.

This budget-friendly choice in vegan cookbooks includes:

  • Low cost, high protein—Balancing nutritious meals is easy with servings that center plant-based proteins like lentils, tofu, beans, and chickpeas.
  • 145 flavorful recipes—The possibilities are endless: Sweet Chili Mango Tofu, Mushroom and Green Pea Farro Risotto, Maple Pecan Sautéed Brussels Sprouts, and many more.
  • Hearty whole foods—No overly processed meat or dairy alternatives necessary, as in other vegan cookbooks—these dishes let whole ingredients shine.

Get excited about cooking with the affordable ideas in this standout among vegan cookbooks!

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As a foodie, cookbooks are much like my candy jar. I love to try new flavorful dishes and explore new ideas. For this reason, many recent vegan cookbooks have raised a yawn from me. Either they’re regurgitating already extremely well-explored territory or the recipes lack flavor because the author didn’t experiment with herbs or spices. So, I’m always a little skeptical when I open a new vegan cookbook. But, The Budget-Friendly Vegan Cookbook? Wow!

The first thing that struck me as I was paging through and reading the recipes was how many of these recipes were fresh. The next was how flavorful they were with the author definitely not afraid to use spices to create flavorful dishes. I kept noting how many of these recipes I wanted to try. A Curried Potato, Cauliflower and Pea Burrito? Yes, please. It’s all the flavor of a samosa (+ cauliflower) in a more healthy tortilla. And though I’ve never tried soy curls, I am all over the Soy Curl Shawarma Wrap.

Ally Lazare covers the bases from creating tempting sauces to fruit-filled muffins and yummy desserts, all within a budget as well as low-calorie.

While some might be disappointed that every recipe doesn’t have a picture, as I’ve said before, I’m certain that this allows the publisher to keep their cookbooks budget friendly. Seriously. Have you seen the prices of glossy cookbooks? You’d spend all your grocery money just purchasing one! 😉 The pictures that are included are tantalizing though. The picture of the Blueberry Hand Pie makes me salivate.

I highly recommend The Budget-Friendly Vegan Cookbook for anyone seeking fresh and wallet-friendly recipes!

The good news for those of you with Kindle U, The Budget-Friendly Vegan Cookbook is free. Click here to view now.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



5 out of 5 butterflies

7 thoughts on “Review of The Budget-Friendly Vegan Cookbook

  1. Nice review! I’m going to check this one out. I’ve been looking for a Vegan cookbook that’s straight to the point and with simple, easy to grab ingredients. Thanks for sharing!

    1. This would probably be the perfect cookbook then. There’s enough variety in the recipes without costing the bank–and I think most of us are in need of a frugal recipes these days.

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