5 for 6/9/20

Today was Scout and Sophie’s vet visit, which we’d been putting off despite the fact that the vet has been open throughout the virus. All the parking spaces at the vets were marked and we had to stay in the car, wait for someone to pick up Scout and Sophie and then talk to the Doc via cell phone. I had sent an email to our vet ahead of time to provide essential information between the time of his last visit and now, which included questions about Scout’s possible laryngeal paralysis. After doing an x-ray of Scout’s lungs, it looks like he might have a chronic allergy instead, but we’re waiting on the radiologist’s viewing of the x-rays before making the next step. But, an allergy is a relief compared to the thought that this dear, sweet pup might have a degenerative disease. Here’s a picture outside the vets:

And now for the wildlife or wilder life because Sophie’s included (!) 😉 part of our program.

8 thoughts on “5 for 6/9/20

  1. That’s a relief about Scout. And love “same ball different day,” although, it looks a little grungy. 🙂

    1. I was relieved. We just hope that the radiologist sees the same thing the vet saw. She’ll be manic about that ball until she breaks it. I think this is the fourth. It’s days are probably dwindling.

  2. Hopefully the news stays good! Our Izzy had major issues with allergies, both nasal and skin. Poor girl was miserable until we got her settled on a regular steroid regimen. I’m hoping your situation is a simple fix!

    1. thank you. We’re still waiting here. The doc said something about an initial course of steroids and then something like xyrtec. All of this so much better than a degenerative disease. Been there and don’t ever want to go through it again.

    1. Our vet stayed open but with severe social distancing in place. Waiting in cars, talking to the vet on a cell, taking payment over the cell. Most visitors had face masks on when the vet tech would come to get the dogs. Restrictions have eased, but it’s obvious most of us (a lot?) are still concerned because this isn’t over yet.

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