3 for 6/10/20

Yesterday was one of those days. But in a good way. I accomplished a lot, except for this. I didn’t post yesterday’s pictures. Today’s pictures might be of Scout and Sophie lounging around since it’s been raining. We need the rain. No complaints here. 🙂

(1) Red lantana. We’ll call this one a phoenix flower since the squirrels decimated it last summer and yet here it is again; (2) a male cardinal, looking more like a winter postcard than a hot day in late spring; (3) the lavender/pink hydrangea in a container.

3 thoughts on “3 for 6/10/20

  1. Your Lantana is perfect. The squirrels ate it? strange because it is poisonous to dogs. I had to rip all mine out.. Sad, because I loved it and it grows into near trees here. I transplanted some to outside my walls but it hasn’t flourished there.

    1. No, they didn’t eat it but they dug up the plant while they were doing their own planting (peanuts, which never bloom). It seemed like it was just bare wood, but it bounced back. Thankfully. I did not know that it was poisonous to dogs. Mine don’t pay much attention to it fortunately.

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