So, wow. This was going to be a fun sweet story. I had “Up, Up, and Away” playing around in my head. Suddenly it turned into we all fall down. Ah, well. I haven’t written any horror or the like in a while. Here goes.

Thanks to Rochelle as always for Friday Fictioneers.

PHOTO PROMPT © Ronda Del Boccio


Each night, falling dreams. Never just Marie but friends, her lover, all plummeting. Even her dog who scrambled for purchase fell. He should have died, but he stood, shook himself, lived.

Just a dream. She woke, upset. Her dog licked her hand.

Commuting, stopped at a light, she flicked on the radio.

The voice of the newscaster resounded. “It’s a nightmare. Hundreds jumping from skyscrapers, bridges. Authorities–”

Marie’s windshield splintered. She flung her hands up to shield her face. Eyes stared at her, blood seeped through the spidery cracked glass.

The body’s lips moved. “You’re next.”


24 thoughts on “Falling

    1. Thanks, Neil. I have to (re?)watch that movie. The only thing I know for sure I’ve seen is Donald Sutherland at the end…. Of course, maybe I removed the rest from my brain. 🙂

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