Review of Loud Mouth

Loud Mouth

Avery Flynn

June 22, 2020

Entangled: Amara

Blurb: I never meant to say a word, not one single word.

But I did.

Now because of something I leaked—without even realizing it—I’ve inadvertently broken up one of the Ice Knights’ most legendary bromances. And worse—I’ve kicked hockey star Ian Petrov’s grumpy level to insane levels of grump.

And what could make it worse? How about the two of us being trapped together in a remote cabin after a massive blizzard. Neither of us can leave. Just us, the snow, his resentment, and OMG sexual tension so thick it would take a snowplow to break through it.

I’ve got to get out of here before I do something even dumber than I’ve already done and kiss the sexy with his misplaced anger and perfect pecs. That would be the worst, the absolute worst. But… would it be terrible if we gave in? Just a little? It’s not like we’re ever going to have to spend time together again.

Until the next morning when we’re told we have to play chummy for the press until this news cycle blows over. F.M.L.

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Loud Mouth by Avery Flynn was a relatively decent read that did not blow me away despite the fact that I really wanted to. While the character of Shelby, a blogger, recovering alcoholic with a funky haircut and tatoos, would initially seem interesting, she is pretty much the regular female main character in a romance, just with some interesting traits. Ian, the hockey player, is nothing special either. Most of the time he seems to be trying to keep his raging temper or his hardening assets under control.

There is no ice time in this hockey romance unless you count the cute scene where Ian tries to teach Shelby how to skate.

Unfortunately, Loud Mouth is burgeoning with cliched writing from the currently ubiquitous: climb him like a tree, to the main character deciding immediately after sex that she’s fallen for the dude (it’s lust, dear; if it’s right after sex, it’s always lust…unless he magically produces your favorite flowers from unknown places during the act.). I’m pretty sure there was also the “hot mess” description that desperately needs to be eradicated from romances.

I really wanted to laugh and feel good but felt blah instead. Blah enough that I actually picked up, read, and reviewed a children’s book in order to give myself a break.

I told myself at the beginning of the year that I really needed to stop feeling optimistic about new romantic comedies unless they’re written by a favorite author. Back to square one.

To be fair, the reader reviews on Goodreads have been in the 4 and 5 star range so if the blurb sounds like something you know you’d love, go for it.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



3 out of 5 butterflies

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