The Chaise Minus You

How long before I glance at the chaise--
your favorite spot
where you watched the neighborhood
activity unfold, a safe distance--
and not expect to see you?

Instead sharp stabs of
tears and sorrow sear:
life is borrowed.

7 thoughts on “The Chaise Minus You

  1. My Peanut loves lounging under the window nest to my desk – the spot is ideal for catching some sunlight in winter and it lets the air into the room in summer, plus, there’s the company of his hooman who can supply him all the scritches and treats he wants. He’s thirteen now and can’t run around and play like he used to (he came home when I was seven, we’ve quite literally grown up together), I’ll miss him when I go off to college this winter.

  2. I know how you feel Sascha. There will be little things that you keep finding, each with its own memory. We kept a squeaky rubber boot of Barney’s, it was the only toy he really seemed to cherish, and it’s on the shelf with our other little knick-knacks.
    They never leave us you know. Our hearts are too big and they fill their own special place in it. <3

  3. He’s still there, watching out for you. And he’ll be there until you’re ready to let him go. No hurry.

  4. Aw, I’m sorry Sascha. I know this moving on after our puppy family die can be so painful. I’m praying the pain numbs, and you can move on. At least you still have Scours buddy. And when you’re ready, you can find you both a new dog family member. Hugs you’ll be OK.

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