Betanda Shanam Reviews Recently Deceased

Recently Deceased

Henry Bassett

January 1, 2020


Blurb: Death is an instantaneous event. What follows is confusion and uncertainty. Join one individual at the moment in which their body and soul separate, yet are trapped together as they journey with the living to their final resting place.

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By now I guess you all know that writing doesn’t come naturally to me.  I love to read and write but I often struggle getting the words out on both paper and verbally. In my head I’m great with words, expressing my thoughts and ideas, but not so externally. That’s why I’m in awe of writers, storytellers, whose  words flow like the breeze over a meadow in springtime. Therefore, I am always honoured when I’m asked to write a review of someone’s creation. Many of the stories I read prompts reflection on life situations, this story Recently Deceased by Henry Bassett did just that.
Recently Deceased is a take on what happens after you die. There are many different theories on what happens when you die and Henry’s short story prompts the contemplation of the afterlife. A thought-provoking piece.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

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