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As you know, life intervened on July 2 and my brain hasn’t wanted to review (nor sometimes read), which is probably a good thing because I don’t think it was in a good place to review. I will be playing review catch-up for a couple of days.

Once You Go This Far
(Roxane Weary #4)

Kristen Lepionka

July 7, 2020

Minotaur Books

Blurb: Junior-high school nurse Rebecca Newsome was an experienced hiker—until she plummeted to her death at the bottom of a ravine in a Columbus metro park. Her daughter, Maggie, doesn’t believe it was an accident, and Rebecca’s ex-husband is her prime suspect. But he’s a well-connected ex-cop and Maggie is certain that’s the reason no one will listen to her. PI Roxane Weary quickly uncovers that the dead woman’s ex is definitely a jerk, but is he a murderer?

As she pieces together the days before Rebecca died, what Roxane finds doesn’t quite add up. From a series of trips to Detroit and across the border to a casino in Windsor, Canada, to strange calls from Rebecca’s home to a charismatic political candidate, to a women’s health organization, to a secretive church group that seems to have more information about its members than it should, Roxane needs to figure out how everything is connected before a dangerous secret gets someone else killed.

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I was a little apprehensive after the last Roxane Weary book I reviewed, The Stories You Tell (see my review here), whether Once You Go This Far would follow in the path of the first two books in the series or the last one. Fortunately, it follows the last one. Roxane is back on track and the sniping that occurred in the last book has been laid to rest.

When an experienced hiker takes a dive off a cliff, people are quick to blame her little dog for tripping her up, but the hiker’s daughter thinks that it’s murder and that her step-father is to blame and asks Roxane to investigate.

As with the other novels, Kristen Lepionka weaves an intriguing story that takes the reader from affluent private schools, to a mega-church where all may not be what it seems, to an exclusive club. The writing is excellent and flows and the secondary characters who have enhanced the other three books are back adding a lot of, well, character.

Once You Go This Far was well-paced and interesting, with the puzzle making sense and clues not pulled out of thin air.

I highly recommend this one is for all of you mystery buffs who are looking for a new series.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



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