The Man of My Daughter’s Dreams

I’m back at Carrot Ranch, finally. Thanks, Charli! I wish I could see Lake Superior as you describe it. Maybe one day. This story was written for Carrot Ranch. Click on the link if you’d like to join in.

The Man of My Daughter’s Dreams (99 words)

Jilly glows. When she called to say she was bringing home her dream man, I was cautiously optimistic. Now, seeing her eyes, her smile, her radiant glow, I know she has found her heart.

I’d invited a few close friends. I serve appetizers and cocktails. I’m mixing a margarita when I see him, the smarmy student who’d had the gall to tell me I “was the epitome of why some teach while others do.” My temper rises while I wonder why he’s here.

Then Jilly crosses to him, pauses her hand on his arm. I scream inside my heart.


6 thoughts on “The Man of My Daughter’s Dreams

  1. Ahhhhhh! I am screaming as well, right there with ya! He is a nightmare, not nearly good enough for her. Drop the margaritas and take a double shot of tequila bc no words of mine would deter her. She has to face the pain herself and then let him go.

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