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This morning the power went out for several hours. You never completely understand how something like that can throw your entire day off until you realize hours later that everything you wanted to accomplish hadn’t quite happened. And, then I spent time catching a mouse in the basement….what a day. Yes, I released the mouse outside and then worried about it for a while because that’s who I am. No apologies.

So. Well, writing about revolution for dVerse. Thank you, Merrill. I reverted back to wordplay for this one. Wordplay being built on rhymes. Let’s hope it works.

Solve for Why

In revolution
there’s evolution
kindred hearts, minds
evolving, revolving
against devolving
resolving to form
a more perfect union
communion of spirits
thoughts, a greater good
should exist, persist,
not subsist/ could
we embrace the case
for freedom for all
call it life, blithe days
trees sway, the Eden garden
barren of snakes, harden
headaches for strifeless life,
a mirage collage of hope
Calliope trope of poetic time
rhyme cannot undermine
recognition of the crime
the wailing chime of passing
trespassing the bereft
for in that last breath--
death--resolves the mournful
funeral fife, minding one life.
Evolution, revolution, solution.

Sascha Darlington


2 thoughts on “Solve for Why #dVerse

  1. Losing electrical power does indeed throw off the day. I do all my work on my computer. I once rescued a mouse from our cats and took it outside–so I understand that, too.

    This is excellent. Such creative rhymes. I was particularly struck by the “calliope trope. . .” I can imagine this performed– rap style.

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