Betanda Shanam Reviews The Smuggler’s Daughter

The Smuggler’s Daughter

Claire Matturro

July 7, 2020

Red Adept Publishing, LLC

Blurb: Ray Slaverson, a world-weary Florida police detective, has his hands full with the murders of two attorneys and a third suspicious death, all within twenty-four hours. Ray doesn’t believe in coincidences, but he can’t find a single link between the dead men, and he and his partner soon smash into an investigative stonewall.

Kate Garcia, Ray’s fiancée, knows more than she should. She helped one of the dead attorneys, just hours before he took a bullet to the head, study an old newspaper in the library where she works. Kate might be the only person still alive who knows what he was digging up—except for his killer.

When Kate starts trying to discover what’s behind the murders, she turns up disturbing links between the three dead men that track back to her family’s troubled past. But she has plenty of reasons to keep her mouth shut. Her discovery unleashes a cat-and-mouse game that threatens to sink her and those she loves in a high tide of danger.

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The Smuggler’s Daughter is a colourful thriller based around the Florida coast. Claire Matturro shows us a snapshot of Kate’s childhood in the Prologue. Leaping forward 33 years, the reader sees Kate, a grown woman, who is holding down a good job and on the threshold of marriage, when two murders and a suspicious death stir up Kate’s past.  Claire then takes the reader back 20 years to discover the secret Kate has been trying to hide. Back in present day, it becomes apparent that Kate’s past has caught up with her.

The Smuggler’s Daughter is a worthy narrative.  It took me the first few chapters to get into the book, and I felt there was too much detail in some of the supporting descriptions, which meant I really needed to concentrate on what I was reading. Despite this I feel The Smuggler’s Daughter is a good read if you want to immerse yourself in a book. 

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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