Bug Killer

Do you write fiction? Tell me how you’d deal with this situation presented in my story as a writer after reading my story because I’m not totally happy with it.

Have I managed two weeks in a row of Carrot Ranch? I think I have. Many thanks, Charli. I found this one a little more difficult to deal with. Not because I don’t believe in the topic, environmentalism and all that, but because it’s sometimes hard to put it into contest. Into something palatable that doesn’t drive a reader away. My first effort was decidedly not worthy. I’m not sure about this one. Anywho. It’s here.

Bug Killer

Words never suffice for non-believers. They need to see. They all think they’re suddenly from Missouri saying: show me.

I’d tried to tell them:

“Pesticides kill baby birds.”

“We have no ladybugs since you’ve started spraying.”

“Don’t you care about the environment for your kids?”

Well, sure. They buy organic. They spray their yard, so their kids won’t get all kinds of mosquito-induced diseases because they are very good parents. They are hands-on.

Bugs? Insects?

A raised hand, a shake of the head. “Our guy said the spray only kills mosquitoes.”

I offered a nest of dead baby catbirds.


6 thoughts on “Bug Killer

  1. Literature. Show them through stories. For kids of all ages, Jean Craighead George; Who Really Killed Cock Robin? Trouble at Marsh Harbor, by Susan Sharpe. Dr. Seuss, of course. For adults Wendell Berry, Rachel Carson, Gary Nahban, William Cronon….
    Oops, more than you wanted.
    Good flash, and yeah, it was a tough one. Yours works.

    1. Wow. So many stories I need to read! Thank you. I tried to write a story once that dealt with environmental conviction and was sent back to the drawing board by the teacher. They are tough stories to sell.

  2. It is a hard topic when people are polarized and yet it’s made more difficult because people are also disconnected. Amazing how complex the situation can be and I think you captured the social aspect of that complexity. Well done.

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