Checking In

Hello all from sunny, warm Southern Shores, North Carolina where I’ve been since last Tuesday night a week ago. I have been reading, swimming, and enjoying the world around me. It’s been a bittersweet return without Scout the Faithful Companion, which you can imagine after 10 years. Because of Covid-19, it’s been an entirely different visit than ever before and in that way, it’s been eye opening for me, especially with the realization that even on vacations we tend to need to keep moving, do a dinner reservation, be somewhere, do something, seldom doing what a vacation is intended to do: relax. I’ll write more about that soon.

In the meantime, there will be book reviews. Lots of book reviews because I’m behind on mine and Betanda has been faithfully reading and sending reviews that have not yet been posted. But it will be relaxing because I’ll hear windchimes and feel the breeze and see the clouds.

More soon.

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