Betanda Shanam’s Review of Tagged


Henry Bassett

February 1, 2020



There are many forgotten games we played as children, one of which was tag. You would call “Tag, you’re it!” just before making physical contact with another and something would pass from you to them, but what if that thing left something behind in you too?

An unknown entity has infiltrated an office, whilst the staff go about their daily routines unaware of its presence. As it systematically picks its victims, will those who remain suspect anything or will it succeed in consuming them all?

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A short snippet about five co-workers going about their daily work routine and their brief interaction with each other.  I could easily visualise the characters through Henry Basset’s writing and thought it showed his skills as a writer.  I am looking forward to reading Henry’s longer story Arrival

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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