Betanda Shanam’s Review of Arrival


Henry Bassett

March 1, 2020


Blurb: A bear, known only as Caver, recounts when his planet was covered in nature and not yet tainted by human touch. Since then, humans have branched out from another world and enveloped his planet. The differences between the two species result in an atmosphere of fear which rips apart the old way of life and enforces the creation of an apparently more civilised one. However, how much will be lost in the process?

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Arrival is a short story that follows a bear known as Caver. The arrival of humans on Caver’s planet brings destruction and slavery of the bears to Caver’s world. 

I was excited to read a longer story from Henry. I found the storyline to be imaginative and thought provoking.  However, I did feel it was lacking something. Despite it being a short story it could have done with a little more depth. Though this is the first book in the series, I found the ending fell short as it seemed unfinished. I love the book cover and feel it reflects the story inside. I look forward to reading more from Henry Basset.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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