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The Last Horse
England: The First Viking Age (The Ninth Century Book 3) 

M.J. Porter

August 27, 2020


Blurb: The third book in The Ninth Century Series.

The Raiders have been routed from Torksey, dead, or escaped.

Mercia lies broken but not beaten, her alliance with Wessex in tatters, her new king a warrior not a ruler. And as he endures his coronation, as demanded by the bishops and ealdormen, there are stirrings from the east.

Coelwulf must again take to the trackways of Mercia. His destination, any place where the Raiders are trying to infiltrate the kingdom he’s fought so hard to keep whole, losing beloved friends in the process.

The year is AD874 and Mercia lies threatened. But Coelwulf, and his loyal warriors, have vowed to protect Mercia with their lives. They’re not about to stop now.

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No time for peace or time to acclimatise to becoming King of Merica, Coelfwulf and his warriors continue their fight to defend Merica.

This is by far my favourite book in this series.  In The Last Horse you really get to see more of Coelwulf’s character, what he is like both on and off the battlefield. I especially enjoyed reading about Coelwulf off the battlefield. It helped to build his persona and give a better understanding of his compassion and loyalties.  The Last Horse had the same feel about it as The Last Warrior (see my review here), the first book in the series. You get a sense of the characters, feel their comradery and loyalty. MJ’s writing enabled me to quickly lose myself in the adventures of The Last Horse. I was able to visualise the cold, the fatigue, the battle scene, the sense of despair and joy.

An excellent read. I was sad to finish this book, it felt like I was leaving old friends. I would definitely recommend The Ninth Century series, if you fancy a bit of English history, blood, gore and honour among men and women fighting for their county then give these books a go. 

I received ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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