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Fierce Girls
Fierce Girls at War

Mike Adams

January 29, 2018



I love being a Marine but there are days…We may have a lot of the same problems in 2122 we did a hundred years ago but back then the Gul brothers weren’t paying lots to see my head on a spike! Not that I was born yet but that’s not the point! So I’m a pretty good shot and Rick is even better. Did I ask daddy Gul and his boys to go on a rampage? No, I didn’t! But now we have to leave the planet and go to the New Hope colony where the locals like to eat people!”

  • Staff Sergeant Susan ‘Molly’ Bennett, USMC

‘FIERCE GIRLS’, Book 1 of the ‘The Fierce Girls At War’ series, introduces the lead characters and covers the events that force Lieutenant Paul ‘Rick’ O’Brien and Staff Sergeant Susan ‘Molly’ Bennett to leave Earth. Then as Lieutenant Commander Rick ‘Cassidy’ and Gunnery Sergeant Molly ‘Pickford’ the story will deal with their first months at the New Hope Colony.

Book One ‘Fierce Girls’ introduces the main characters –Gunnery Sergeant ‘Molly’ Pickford, Lieutenant Commander ‘Rick’ Cassidy, his daughter Ciara and other key members of his family, and Captain Naomi MacCaffrey, a Canadian officer captured by extremists and rescued by Molly in the African jungles.

More than anything else the books are about women who are smart, brave, quick thinking, resilient and steady under fire. They must find it in themselves to fight battles against other humans before the coming desperate struggle against an alien invasion of Earth’s first colony in space that will arise in the following books of the series. Those books will show these women and others take the lead in fighting for the life of the colony. ‘Fierce Girls’ begins on Earth in the year 2122 and then about halfway through moves to Earth’s first colony in space, New Hope, on Tau Ceti 4. Book 2 ‘Threat on the Horizon’ picks up the story in the year 2126 when the colony is about to be invaded by aliens who consider the planet theirs and intend to eradicate the human invaders from it. This provides a unique environment to put a group of characters, predominately female, from many different countries together in a situation where they must work together and fight for each other in order to survive.

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Fierce Girls is the first book in the Fierce Girls at War series. The first few chapters lay the foundations for this story. Whilst I found these to be too informative, they did allow the reader to build a picture of the characters of the O’Briens. The O’Briens consists of a single mother Kelly, her daughters, granddaughter, ex-daughter-in-law, and son, Rick, who, although he respects and treats females as equals, comes across as conceited and a bit of a player.

The O’Briens are skilled in the art of shooting and are very open and loving to other strong and talented people. Molly, a war hero, finds herself welcomed into the O’Brien family. After heroic events, Rick and Molly are forced to make a new life on Earth’s first colony in space.

Fierce Girls is about strong, intelligent females, which is reflected in the O’Brien women. I did feel the O’Brien’s came over being too self-assured, which bordered on being arrogant and dismissive.  I found Fierce Girls was easy to read and overall, quite enjoyable.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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