Review of Healthy Vegan, Happy Body

Healthy Vegan, Happy Body

Tess Challis

May 12, 2020

Rockridge Press

Blurb: You went vegan, now go healthy vegan

When you have the foods you love every day, eating healthy is hassle-free. Vegan cookbooks like Healthy Vegan, Happy Body can be your all-in-one resource for reaping the many benefits of a healthy vegan diet. Think extra energy, reduced inflammation, and even financial savings!

Vegan cookbooks like this can help you discover the uniquely satisfying flavors of a plant-based diet with recipes like Pad Thai, World’s Healthiest Mac and Cheese, and Mint Chocolate Chip Nice Cream. With go-to information on a healthy vegan lifestyle and recipes that minimize salt, oil, and refined flours and sugars, becoming a healthy vegan using vegan cookbooks has never been so easy or tasty.

Inside one of the most comprehensive vegan cookbooks, you’ll find:

  • Stock and prep—Make the transition to healthy eating fast and simple using the included tips to set up your kitchen with pantry essentials and nourishing staples.
  • Easy labels—Find the perfect dishes for you with clearly marked labels to show whether recipes are gluten-free, leftover-friendly, fast to prepare, and more.
  • WFPB options—For vegans who abide by the whole-foods, plant-based diet, look for numerous recipes that eliminate salt, oil, sugar, and other processed foods, plus tips for making other recipes WFPB-friendly.

See how vegan cookbooks like Healthy Vegan, Happy Body are the key to loving what you eat.

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I’m not vegan–yet–but with the recipes from Tess Challis’ Healthy Vegan, Happy Body I could easily see myself moving in that direction.

For those of you who are following a whole food plant-based diet, this cookbook is for you. It is loaded with flavorful, ingenious recipes. And, for any of you who saw my review earlier today and my reference to yardstick measurement, there is no ubiquitous shepherd’s pie recipe here!

There are, however, loads of Mexican, Indian, and even Ethiopian recipes that have authentic ingredients. Be still my beating heart! The chili recipe made me smirk after my earlier comment in the previous review of what a good chili needed. All of those tastes are present in this chili.

While I’m still iffy about vegan “cheese,” I could definitely see myself going vegan with this type of cookbook.

I’m even certain that I’m going to try some of these desserts. Maybe not the “cheesecake,” at least not right away, but the cookie recipes, oh yes. Cobbler, certainly.

And, if you’ve followed my cookbook reviews, you know that I have real bias against smoothies and the like. Again, Healthy Vegan, Happy Body may help me change my mind because I am considering making some of these drinks. Seriously.

I am such a cheerleader for this book. I can’t wait to try its recipes.

For those of you with KindleUnlimited, this book is free for you to look over right now. Just click on my link above.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



5 out of 5 butterflies

2 thoughts on “Review of Healthy Vegan, Happy Body

  1. I started the whole-food, plant-based lifestyle almost 10nmonths ago. Always looking for new recipes so will definitely be checking this out. I recently started a blog
    About my passion for whole-food plant-based eating

  2. Finally, a vegan book you like! I smiled at the book blurb–“become a healthy vegan.” How anyone can be an “unhealthy” vegan, I’m not sure. We’ll get you converted yet, Sascha!

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