Best Friends Ever! #amwriting

Thank you as always to Rochelle for providing us with Friday Fictioneers. When I first started this story I thought I was going somber, but then, well, that old muse said, nope. Let’s go happy. So we did. I hope you enjoy. (Many thanks, Muse!)


Best Friends Ever!

Have you ever woken and realized you really needed better friends?

I did. In a wheelchair in the center of Glasgow.

Fortunately, it was at the height of summer so I didn’t freeze. But it was also the height of summer equaling tourist season with multiple eyes viewing me as something unsavory, something pathetic, as I drooled from too much partying before the flight (evidently) from hell.

Bottled water appeared before me. I glanced up into aqua blue eyes. Mr. Darcy?

“Drink up. Can I just say, you need better friends?”

I slurped, dreamily. I have the best friends ever.


16 thoughts on “Best Friends Ever! #amwriting

  1. Wait… Wait! Wait! Wait! They left her unconscious in a wheelchair in the middle of Glasgow? That’s not just bad friends. That’s borderline criminal. Or is that a metaphorical waking? Either way, unless they knew Mr. Darcy would be coming along, she definitely needs better friends.

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