Review of Nature All Around: Birds

Nature All Around: Birds

by Pamela Hickman (Author), Carolyn Gavin (Illustrator)

September 1, 2020

Kids Can Press

Blurb: The perfect resource for budding bird-watchers, this beautiful, comprehensive introduction encourages children to appreciate the wonderful world of birds all around them.

Because birds can be spotted in every neighborhood, and in all seasons, they are an excellent choice for piquing children’s interest in wildlife. Here’s a comprehensive, child-friendly guide to birds that makes the perfect starting point. Colorful pages explore the characteristics of different bird species, along with many of their fascinating and unique features, from their feathers to their eggs and nests. A journey through a year in the lives of birds gives readers clues to what to look for, season by season. And a beginning bird-watcher section helps youngsters get started in the field, including a list of what tools they need to use, and guiding questions to help with bird identification (for example, by their song, size and unusual color patterns).

This book is part of the Nature All Around series, which encourages children to hone their observation skills in order to appreciate the variety of wildlife that can be found right outside their front doors. Bestselling, award-winning author Pamela Hickman brings birds up close, with loads of fun facts about bird life cycles, homes, habitats and most common behaviors. The vivid illustrations by Carolyn Gavin offer clear depictions of the subjects and is a pleasure to peruse. This book has many curriculum applications in grades two to five, when children are learning about the characteristics of living things, and covers both life science and earth science topics. End matter includes information on how readers can help endangered birds, a bird feeder activity, a glossary and an index.

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A few weeks after we all began self-isolating because of Covid-19, I was semi-imploring people to start taking advantage of the time to notice their surroundings, to become aware of all of the wildlife and nature around them. I’m pretty sure I failed. However, it was noted in a recent article that many people across the United States had taken up bird watching, to which I say a fervent “Yay!”

I, of course (ha), thought I knew a lot about birds, but as I read Nature All Around: Birds, a book geared toward School Grades 2-5, I realized that I didn’t know much at all. This is a wonderful book with lots of interesting facts about birds. Information regarding migration, feathers, eggs, nests is covered enhanced by colorful illustrations.

Did you know that some birds burrow in the ground or in snow? Or that they grow more feathers before winter to keep them warm? These are just some of the interesting facts I learned as I read.

While this book may be geared toward school age kids, parents can learn an awful lot as well so it becomes a book to be shared.

I highly recommend Nature All Around: Birds for anyone interested in learning about all of the birds around them.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



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