Betanda Shanam Reviews Signs in the Dark by Susan Miura

Signs in the Dark

Susan Miura

October 15, 2020

Vinspire Publishing

Blurb: ONE CAPTIVE. Blindfolded, gagged, and bound, 17-year-old Haylie Summers has only one goal: stay alive. Nothing about her abduction makes sense. Deaf since birth, she can’t hear her captors and can only guess why they would take her. Is she about to be thrown into the dark abyss of human trafficking? Or was she kidnapped by the protestors who marched at the wildlife rescue center where she volunteers? Haylie fights the harsh reality that her capture resulted from Nathan’s unexpected text.

Need to talk. Can you meet me in 10 behind your garage? It was the last thing she saw before getting dragged into a van. But it can’t be Nathan, with his ebony eyes and easygoing smile that crumbles the walls around her heart. No, it can’t be Nathan. Can it?

ONE SUSPECT. After a childhood of disruptions, Peruvian-born Nathan Boliva likes to keep life simple. Haylie is not simple. She is beautiful. She is brilliant. And she is worth the risk of breaking out of his comfort zone. But days after asking Haylie on a date, Nathan finds himself targeted by the FBI for a crime he didn’t commit. Far worse, anything could be happening to Haylie as the search continues.


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Excited by the anticipation of their first date, Haylie is intrigued by a mystery text from Nathan, her potentional boyfriend, asking Haylie to meet him in 10 minutes behind the garage. When Haylie finds herself being kidnapped, she cannot believe Nathan is behind it. Being deaf since birth, Haylie relies on her other senses to find clues to why and who has kidnapped her.

Signs in the Dark is a page-turner that keeps the reader engaged and guessing to the end. I found Susan Miura’s writing to be seamless and the story flows over the pages to produce a smooth read.  Both Nathan and Haylie are likable characters, each with their own side-line story.  Nathan, trying to solve the mystery of his friend’s unexplained outings on Saturdays and taking care of his beloved dog, Ruby. Nathan’s character is faithful and loyal, he holds on to his dog Ruby and his friend and is always there for them. This faithful characteristic comes through in the story. Nathan goes above and beyond the calls of a ‘possible’ boyfriend to try to find and help Haylie, despite being the number one suspect.

Haylie is brave and courageous, though she is fearful for her life when kidnapped. Haylie finds herself thrown into a world of darkness and fear, despite this she uses any chance she gets to find out and remember key evidence to identify her kidnappers. 

An enjoyable read that I would defiantly recommend to adults and young adults alike.

I give this book  

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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