Betanda Shanam’s Review of Knight in Paper Armor

Knight in Paper Armor

Nicholas Conley

September 15, 2020

Red Adept Publishing

Blurb: Billy Jakobek has always been different. Born with strange and powerful psychic abilities, he has grown up in the laboratories of Thorne Century, a ruthless megacorporation that economically, socially, and politically dominates American society. Every day, Billy absorbs the emotional energies, dreams, and traumas of everyone he meets—from his grandmother’s memories of the Holocaust, to the terror his sheer existence inflicts upon his captors—and he yearns to break free, so he can use his powers to help others.

Natalia Gonzalez, a rebellious artist and daughter of Guatemalan immigrants, lives in Heaven’s Hole, an industrial town built inside a meteor crater, where the poverty-stricken population struggles to survive the nightmarish working conditions of the local Thorne Century factory. Natalia takes care of her ailing mother, her grandmother, and her two younger brothers, and while she dreams of escape, she knows she cannot leave her family behind.

When Billy is transferred to Heaven’s Hole, his chance encounter with Natalia sends shockwaves rippling across the blighted landscape. The two outsiders are pitted against the all-powerful monopoly, while Billy experiences visions of an otherworldly figure known as the Shape, which prophesizes an apocalyptic future that could decimate the world they know.

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Wow! What a book!  This is a fantastic read. I loved everything about it. The Knight in Paper Armor demonstrates Nicholas Conley’s creative, imaginative and moralistic writing. The storyline was genius– it covered so much ground. Conley’s writing made the multifaceted storyline easy to follow. Yet, the story was unpredictable in a good way. Just when I thought I knew which way the story was going, it changed!  

I could feel the persona of each character and the vivid descriptions made them easy to visualise. The Knight in Paper Armor addresses some hard-hitting social issues that make you look at discrimination, differences, and the connection we all have. It is about being heard and standing up for what is right.  There is so much depth to the The Knight in Paper Armor. It would make an excellent book club read. 

I definitely give this book 5 stars 

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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