Music Monday: Can’t Stop Loving You by Taylor Swift

This is not a song that Taylor Swift wrote, nor do I know if it’s on any of her albums. I came upon thanks to a BBC Live Lounge recording, which I absolutely love. If you haven’t heard of BBC Live Lounge and you love music, you must check them out on Youtube.

“Can’t Stop Loving You” is a Phil Collins song, although I just discovered he didn’t write it. It’s a lovely song. Phil Collins performed it more up tempo than Taylor Swift and while I do like his version, hers raises more emotions for me.

We took a taxi to the station, not a word was said
And I saw you walk across the road
For maybe the last time, I don’t know
Feeling humble
I heard a rumble
On the railway track
And when I hear that whistle blow
I’ll walk away and you won’t know
That I’ll be crying

Songwriters: Billy Nicholls

I am a Taylor Swift fan. A Swiftie? I don’t know. I genuinely think she’s gifted.

3 thoughts on “Music Monday: Can’t Stop Loving You by Taylor Swift

  1. I think the Live Lounge ask artists they invite on to do a cover, or some artist in the past did it randomly and another did it then another and it just became a part of it. I’ve seen YT videos by various artists doing covers on the Live Lounge.

    1. I have noticed a lot of covers, which I like. Some are really good covers. One of the fun ones I saw was where One Republic covered George Ezra and Ezra repaid the favor. Fun stuff! 🙂

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