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At some point you realize you cannot stay in the dark. You must revisit the bright, feel the sunshine upon you, the glow of fairy lights.

No, it doesn’t come all at once. For days there’s darkness, an up and down roller coaster of good days and bad days mingling, tossing your emotions about as an Autumn storm tosses burnished leaves.

But on that day, that day where the sun rises just as it’s done on so many others, you realize that goodness still flows. Maybe it’s harder to find, but if you look it’s there and always worth seeking. For in our hearts, we do know what’s good and sometimes it isn’t what others think, but what our hearts show.

Sascha D

2 thoughts on “Re-Becoming

  1. Been there. One day you wake up and realize if you don’t find joy, you’ll wither away. Choose joy.

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