Betanda Shanam Review The Bull Option by Sameer Garach

The Bull Option

Sameer Garach

January 7, 2019

Mare Press


I lost my job as an I-banker.

The love of my life dumped me.

And then I became homeless . . . for several years.

But one day, I saved a Wall Street hedgie’s life.

He offered me a chance to change my fortune forever.

Except there are three problems:

  1. I have to pull off the greatest con ever. That is, steal the proceeds from the biggest Initial Public Offering in recent history. In the heart of American financial power. In three weeks.
  2. I have to convince a bunch of nobodies from Main Street to risk a prison sentence.
  3. And my past flame is working for and dating the very Wall Street titan we’re trying to rob.

I’m Kannada Khan, and this is my redemption.

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Despite finding The Bull Option difficult to get into and having to restart it numerous times, in the end I found it to be a good read. This was not a subject that held my attention but would probably hold the attention of others. 

Kannada, a homeless ex-investment banker, writes a book about robbing Wall Street. After a  fortuitous meeting, Kannada finds himself, along with a group of skilled individuals, carrying out the heist he wrote about.

I enjoyed the diverse mix of characters all of whom I could easily visualise.  I could feel the comradery amongst the characters. The storyline was creative, and I thought it meaningful too. 

I found Sameer Garach’s writing to have a calm and friendliness about it that was felt throughout the pages as though he really enjoyed writing this book. It always makes me smile when the story refers to the title of the book. I would look forward to reading more of Sameer Garach’s writings again

I give this book 3 stars. 

I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review.

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