Life Simple

Many thanks to my family at Friday Fictioneers. I am still trying to bounce back to life as normal. I haven’t reciprocated or commented, but I promise to be there soon. You’ve always dealt with me more than fairly and I hope to be there soon. ❤💖

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Life Simple

Climate change? Firmly no.

A Chinese conspiracy.

We survived that first strike, that Hurricane Laura. Don’t ask me how. Prayers, good living?

We watched water rise, prayed until there was no praying anymore.

Now Hurricane Delta.

“Can’t we leave?” I asked.

Joe’s gaze averted.

I was a kid when Katrina hit, wondered why people didn’t just hightail it, now I know. When you don’t have money, where can you go? We’d been walloped by Laura, Covid-19.

If you don’t have money, there’s no bus fare, no hotels.

Though a ball formed in my throat, I nodded. “We got this.”


13 thoughts on “Life Simple

  1. What I read here is a battering of the human spirit. When the slams keep coming, sometimes it is difficult to do more than a day at a time. I feel such empathy for the characters in your story.

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