Music Monday: My Sweet Lord by George Harrison

I attended Catholic school for all of my life. As far as me being a practicing Catholic, that’s definitely a discussion for another day. However, for most of my grade school life, I went to a progressive Catholic school where guitars played at mass and sometimes we would even hear a song in class. On one memorable day, maybe when I was in third or fourth grade, the teacher played “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison and asked us if this was a song we could pray to. Honestly, music was the one prayer around my house. There was music constantly, all genres. Opera. Operetta. Rock. Musicals. Pop. Country. Bluegrass. Classical. Music makes me feel spiritual. So, of course, I nodded “yes” because I’d heard this song often on the radio station my Mum played.

And, for all of you folks born after the mid-seventies, some radio stations weren’t so fixated on categories and would play a mix of everything, just as I found later as an adult in England. (Hopefully it’s still true in England.) So, my Mum’s radio station would play George Harrison and Kenny Rogers and The Little River Band and Bread and Frank Sinatra. As a kid, it was genre music heaven. But I digress.

This past Sunday morning I asked the reliable Alexa to play me some acoustic music and she found me the “acoustic morning” playlist. When I heard George Harrison sing this song it was a balm for all of the badness I had been feeling lately. We all know how this year has been. I can’t speak for other countries where the virus has been bad, but it’s been extra sh*t in the US because we have other entities at work. At the end of last week a relative suggested that he would take up arms to defend his president. So I’ve stopped visiting Facebook. Armed people are evidently ready and willing for a civil war in the United States and this is so disparate from the country where I was a grade school kid listening to George Harrison sing “My Sweet Lord” that I find it all completely unfathomable.

I’ve already voted. Now, I am just going to remove myself from the hate and stupefying emotions. I’m going to drown myself in George Harrison and the music that touches my spirit. And if you have any suggestions on music that touches your soul, please share it with me. I am open to all and any suggestions and will probably need them. Music heals all. And it lets me pray in the way I know best.

“My Sweet Lord” isn’t a song that has a lot of introspective lyrics, but it’s feel-good nonetheless.

ps. George was always my favorite Beatle. ❤💖

I really wanna know you

I’d really wanna go with you

I really wanna show you, Lord

That it won’t take long, my Lord

George Harrison

Read more about “My Sweet Lord.”

13 thoughts on “Music Monday: My Sweet Lord by George Harrison

  1. I share your opinion of George.
    He was different and innovative way back to Don’t Bother Me in 1963 (I think), and of course he wrote the beautiful Here Comes The Sun and other later masterpieces.
    My Sweet Lord is a gem.

  2. George didn’t get the credit he deserved for his song writing ability being overshadowed by Paul & John. As a former Marine, I can say I’m glad I’m not in right now because I would have a hard time saluting Trump. Didn’t like before he was president and sure don’t like him now. I’m a gun owner & have no inclination to defend him against anyone. We are in a sad state of affairs at the moment. I love different genres of music as well. Huge Elvis fan and country music (old school) draws me closer to my childhood. 😊

    1. Yes, George was a talented and gentle soul. I never know whether to say: thanks for your service or not because I’ve heard some who’ve served don’t like it. But thank you. I’m sorry to say that Trump has brought out the worst in this country and I just hope that we can find some semblance of humanity in the years to come. I used to love country music, probably up until the late 90s when it got overrun by guys with pickup trucks and repetitive themes.

      1. Thank you for saying so. I don’t mind and I tell other military active and prior the same. My hubby always says, “we are the United States of America, not the divided states. And it’s the truth. Semblance of humanity is absolutely the top priority. Yep, late 90’s on the country music. Got too rappy for my taste. 😊

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