The Nature Connection #dVerse

This poem was written for dVerse, where Sarah has given us a fun prompt based on “What 3 Words,” which unfortunately I had not heard of before. The whole world has been allocated into three meter squares with three words attached. I chose to go with that little heaven where I spend vacation in August: Southern Shores, NC. I tried to narrow it down to the actual house I stayed in and retrieved the words: Supernatural factions custodial.

My poetry writing is sadly rusty as I’ve been away too long. Many thanks for reading.

The Nature Connection

The previous summer life was a web
spun sticky, spidering outward as every other year
sun lazing, restaurant dining, dog walking
pretending mindfulness as the "busy" often do.

This past summer custodial factions determined
a different path, or rather no path at all,
and what a difference that did make.
For in not pretending mindfulness I lived.

Gaia embraced me with kindness,
presented a path toward enrichment
and some days I did follow, seemingly supernatural
trajectory toward one with nature.

From mesmerizing meteorites to screeching owls
I absorbed strength to comprehend, to see.
I swam in the sea, in the sun, felt one
with the world. Yet just weeks after

ignorance scored me wounds
sadness returned
mindfulness was abandoned somewhere south
on a barrier island.

They say, recognizing the problem is part of the solution
and today I see. Mindfulness can be embraced,
life cherished, anger flung away, it all takes practice,
like the fledgling bird testing wings to fly.
I can release all the bad to embrace Gaia’s welcome.

I can learn to be One,
wherever I am.

12 thoughts on “The Nature Connection #dVerse

  1. I’m one of those people who quite enjoyed lockdown – having to slow down and appreciate my blessings. It’s easy to forget. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. Lovely response to the prompt.

  2. I wouldn’t call this stunning poem rusty!💝 So much to love here especially; “Mindfulness can be embraced, life cherished, anger flung away, it all takes practice.” Yes! 🙂

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