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For day 15 of OctPoWriMo, the following quote came up: “Perhaps nothing is entirely true, not even this.” ~ Multatuli, which I find quite insightful and poetic in itself. It made me think about all of the things that I learned in history class when I was a kid that historians are now saying are not truth. But how can it be? I wonder. I don’t live in a communist state or a government controlled state (ermm, not certain that is currently true) so how can what I learned be untrue? Maybe some time I’ll check it out. In the meantime, I, of course, wrote a poem. This is day 2 for me.


Years ago, I heard history is taught differently
depending on your circumstances. Victors win battles
losers fabricate facts, but why is history here changing?

Facts I learned are now untrue although no war waged.
Along with new math is there new history?
I have no claim in this battle except desiring truth.

Truth, a concept that should be beyond reproach
but heeded differently these days as everyone/everything
truths apart as if one fact cannot exist for all.

Is it not true we all still need oxygen or does someone not?

If the history I learned as a child is not true,
then what of everything else?

Pluto vanished from planet-sy.
Spencer and Katharine were not soulmates.
Santa does not exist.
Facts have alternative facts.

Maybe poetry is the one true thing.
And dogs, always dogs.

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