What Do You Really Want?

Thanks to Rochelle, as always, for this fabulous prompt. If you’ve never taken part in Friday Fictioneers and want to try your hand at a 100 word story based on the prompt, click on the link to learn more.


What Do You Really Want?

“What do you really want?”

My mother asks everyone this mantra question incessantly. It is, after all, the title of her book. Since she and I live alone in the gargantuan mausoleum she won in the divorce, she asks me daily.

“What do you really want?”

“Out,” I thought the last time she asked.

I considered that rich middle-aged man who offered escape. “Sail around the world with me,” he said, finger stroking the rim of his martini glass.

I bike to the marina. See his fingers caress the cheek of a girl my age.

No, I don’t want that.


9 thoughts on “What Do You Really Want?

  1. I love how she is looking for adventure and trust, but realises early that trust is difficult to come by when your adolescent hormones are urging you on.
    What do you really want? If we knew would we be happy?

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