Music Monday: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

After doing Music Monday for a couple of years now and having celebrated over a hundred songs, I sometimes think–mistakenly–that I have covered all of my immediately favorite songs. Yep? No. I just searched to see if I’d ever done “Chasing Cars” which is one of my all-time favorite songs and it wasn’t there while other Snow Patrol songs were. Oh, well. Fail.

Recently I read that “Chasing Cars” was the most played song in the UK in the 21st Century. For me, it’s completely understandable. The song is evocative, threadbare, wrenching. It’s a love song at it’s most passionate and requesting. Stay with me through the hard times. Wordless, but stay with me.

Do you need to see any more than this on the point lyric:

Those three words

Are said too much

They’re not enough

Songwriters: Natah Connolly / Gary Lightbody / Jonathan Quinn / Tom Simpson / Paul Wilson

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