Betanda Shanam Reviews Best Foot Forward by Bea Stevens

Best Food Forward

Bea Stevens

February 7, 2018



Liberty ‘Libby’ Lawrence has had her boyfriend stolen.
Mr Partington, her boss and hotel manager, has had money stolen.
Is it just sour grapes that causes Libby to link the two?

Fashion-lover Libby Lawrence enjoys working at The Chalfont Hotel, but doesn’t enjoy seeing her boyfriend with another girl—especially when that girl happens to be beautiful, fake-Louboutin-wearing, Bianca Morrison-Wright, the hotel barmaid.

When it is announced that money was stolen from the hotel safe, Libby soon has her suspicions—but are they justified?

Newly-promoted Sgt James Harper, the handsome policemen tasked with solving the theft (of the money, not the boyfriend) is amused and bemused by Libby’s theories. But while trying to impress his boss, he’s reluctant to believe that the clue to the theft lies in designer shoes—fake or otherwise.

However, when it transpires that there is even more crime and corruption afoot, he has to admit that shoes might be more involved than he first thought.

James and Libby become closer as they try to ascertain what’s going on at the hotel—but are they really any closer to finding the thief?

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As soon as I received Best Food Forward I couldn’t put it down, it made me giggle (which is quite rare) and gasp.  

 Best Food Forward follows a young lady, Libby (Liberty Lawrence), through a romantic breakup and finding new love. But young love never runs smoothly, especially when she finds herself caught up with the recent thieves from a London hotel where she works. Libby discovers clues that will help crack the case and find the culprit behind the robberies. OR so she thinks. Devastated that she might be the cause of the wrongful arrest, Libby throws herself into her managerial work at the hotel, but the handsome policeman who is on the case has other ideas.   

Libby, an accident-prone young lady with two left feet whose first love is designer shoes, will capture your heart, but surely you will also find her exasperating at times. Libby’s accident-prone nature adds to the plot of this romance comedy. There were a couple of times where I found myself holding my breath only to release it to a giggle. Bea Stevens writing in her first chick lit novel Best Food Forward is an easy story lose yourself in. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I give best foot forward 4 stars.

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